Thursday, August 8, 2013

Better Pricing

Our Platform Provider award-winning online trading platform executes your trades quickly, at better prices.1


Execute Trades QuicklyOur platform completes over 99.5% of trades in under one tenth of a second.2

Fast-moving markets can offer prices which can move at the moment you click to trade.

To hit this moving target and deliver the price you requested, our online trading platform provides lightning-fast execution – even during periods of volatility.

See how your trading benefits from the speed of our execution.


Guaranteed Market PricesNo requotes and improved prices.

We execute trades differently from other providers.

Though prices can change rapidly as you trade online, we guarantee we will never fill your trade at a worse price than you asked for. Rather than fill your order at a price you don’t want, we ask you to re-submit it.

Equally, if a better price becomes available, we can give you that price. This approach, delivered through our price-improvement technology,

 See how our platform can improve the price you trade at.


Sourcing PricesWe scan multiple venues to source better prices.

We source forex and share prices from many, alternative venues such as Multilateral Trading Facilities, in addition to primary exchanges.

In this way you receive greater liquidity, providing access to the best prices worldwide, when trading online with us.

See how we provide better forex and share prices
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