Thursday, August 8, 2013

Binary Options Trading 2

We offer binaries on stock indices, forex, commodities and a range of specials, including the ability to take a position on the US Non-farm Payroll figures.


Binaries for Indices
Singapore Blue Chip, Hong Kong HS42, Wall Street, US Tech 100, US SPX500, FTSE® 100, Germany 30, Italy 40, Japan 225, Japan All-Share, Taiwan All-Share, China H-Shares, Australia 200, India 50 and more.
Indices binary trades are offered against the official closing level of the underlying index/future relative to the previous day's close. We also offer a range of timescales, including hourly, intraday and weekly binary trades on a number of global indices.

Spot Forex

Forex binaries
Binary trades are offered against the 8pm London time spot rate of the forex pair concerned. For example, a ’AUS/USD to be above 8950' trade is based on whether the AUS/USD will be higher than 8950 at 8pm London time.


Commodities Binaries
Gold, Silver, US Light Crude Oil
Commodity binary trades are offered against the official daily settlement level of the relevant futures contract for the nearest liquid month. For example, 'June Gold to be above 1256' is based on whether the June Gold contract will finish above the specified level on the last trading day. Crude Oil binary trades are offered on hourly changes in the relevant futures contract.
Extreme short-term trades Five and twenty-minute periods on the Wall Street, FTSE® and Germany 30. For example, will the FTSE® index rise in the next five minutes? The ultimate high-volatility trade!
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