Thursday, August 8, 2013

Competitive Rates

We charged at some of the most competitive spreads and commission rates available, with all costs made clear before you trade.

What we charge and why
Please see below for an overview of our charges.
Our transparent prices page outlines our commitment to providing upfront prices and no hidden costs.

Spread and commission

CFD Spreads
Our share are offered at the underlying market price without any mark-up. We simply charge a small commission to open and close your position.
Our other markets – such as forex, indices and commodities  - are provided commission-free. All you pay is a spread, added to the underlying market price.


CFD Funding
If you keep a position open overnight, we charge a small funding fee.
For share and standard cash index trades, this cost is based on the relevant interbank rate (e.g. SIBOR) plus/minus our low finance rate of 2.5%, depending on whether the position is long or short. The interbank rate used is based on the currency you're trading in. For non-standard MYR-denominated, or mini shares contracts, the fee is the one-month interbank rate +/-3%.
For forex positions kept open overnight, this fee is the 'tom-next' rate plus an admin charge of no more than 0.3% on either side of the tom-next spread.

Currency conversion

Currency Trading ConversionYour profit or loss is converted into the currency you set up on your account, at a rate not worse than 0.3% from the mid-price at the time.

No administration charges

We have no hidden admin charges, such as margin call or one time platform fees $250. Our pricing approach is clear and transparent.
We charge a monthly inactivity fee of $250 on the first of the month if no trading activity has occurred for two years or more, provided you have a positive balance on your account. ‘Trading activity’ is defined as opening or closing a position, or updating an open position.

External fees

We pass on a 2.1% payment-processing fee, We do not mark this up, we simply pass it on.
We also charge a data fee for access to live exchange price data, on a charge-and-refund basis whereby it is refunded if you place a nominal, minimum number of trades per month. You can view further details in My Account > Data Feeds after you log in to our trading platform.

Borrowing charges

With short share positions, we may pass a borrowing charge to you if we incur such a charge when we open a trade in the underlying market. Our dealers can explain in advance whether such a charge will apply, and we will pass any such charges on with no mark up.

Limited risk

Our guaranteed stops – which provide the best possible protection from market movements against you – are available for a small charge, starting from 0.8 pips on forex.
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