Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rebates for High Volume Forex Traders

If you're an active trader dealing large volumes each month, it's likely you are eligible for automatic rebates.
High volume traders are eligible for automatic rebates on all forex pairs, if they trade over 5000 standard lots (or equivalent) each calendar month.

Am I eligible?

Everyone's eligible for automatic rebates, provided they meet the volume threshold in a month's trading. There are no forms to fill in - just keep trading as normal and if you meet the high-volume level, we will automatically pay the rebate direct to your IG account. Simple - no fuss, no hassle, we do everything for you.

How much do I save?

Automatic rebates are available for all forex trading, with the monthly rebate is realised on your account in USD.
Forex rebates
No. of standard lots (or equivalent) Rebate per lot
On the first 5000 US$0.50
On the next 20000 US$0.75
25001 plus US$1.00

Forex savings example

Please note that the period over which monthly rebates are calculated begins and ends with the start of the calendar month in UK time. As forex markets are traded 24 hours, there will be a short period at the start and end of each month when the rebate period is not in synch with the calendar month in Singapore, due to the time difference with the UK.
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